“QUANTUM SPACE” is an adventure that leads to the unlimited, the leap to abstraction where her navigation chart is the stars and the compass is her instinct. Like quantum leap, she takes us to a dimension where color is energy […]



Exhibition presented at the Extension Center of the University of Talca in Santiago, in September 2018. The exhibition “Transiting, as its name says, is a journey through countless recurring images in the artist’s pictorial work, in her quest to generate […]



GO TO THE EXPO >> ARTWOKS OF THE SERIAL IMAGINARIO DE LOURDES NAVEILLAN   Imaginary of Lourdes Naveillán, is what is delivered by the artist in this exhibition: consciousness and competence in the exploitation of this imaginary. Now, this is […]


Paris – Selection

Ouverture Collective exhibition presented at Mammia Bretesché Art Gallery, Paris, France, in 2016. Ouverture” proposes an in all directions colloquium. From the work “Origin” (ceramic and copper sculpture by Macarena Salinas), to “Dialogue with Infinity” (electronic sculpture by Gonzalo Sánchez), […]

Sculptures, Painting


ARTWORKS OF THE SERIAL Exhibition held in the Great Room Pedro Olmos at the Extension Center of the University of Talca, in December 2014. The artist speaks: “In the search for color and stain my work has been brewing. This […]



GO TO THE EXPO >> ARTWORKS OF SERIAL Exhibition presented at La Sala Art Gallery, in 2011, composed of thirteen works plus a mural. The sample is born in times of shock, of shock, of speed, in which a series […]



Exhibition presented at Sala Pedro Olmos of University of Talca, Talca, in November 2009. Compromises 18 works, mixed techniques, such as acrylic on fabric, paper and digital printing. The artist commented that the sample name was due to the way […]



Exhibition held at La Sala Art Gallery, Santiago de Chile, in June 2008. Spots, colors, water, and transparencies invite us to enter this pictorial world. They involve us little by little and plunge us into beings who play to hide […]