“QUANTUM SPACE” is an adventure that leads to the unlimited, the leap to abstraction where her navigation chart is the stars and the compass is her instinct. Like quantum leap, she takes us to a dimension where color is energy that is immediately transmuted. She leaves behind the female figures who have always been present in her work to fully explore the dynamics of spot and color.
The artist shows us the ultimate reality of matter, so present and at the same time hidden, with it, the enormous magnetism that her work unfolds.
Lourdes Naveillan gives herself to her painting with a vehemence that is characteristic in her and that transports us to a universe of her own that expands the margins of the possible”.
Individual exhibition held in QUQU Gallery from April 10 to June 18, 2019. Set of eleven works in acrylic on canvas and in acrylic on large format paper.