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Imaginary of Lourdes Naveillán, is what is delivered by the artist in this exhibition: consciousness and competence in the exploitation of this imaginary. Now, this is not a minor subject because the artist, in this case, is not only recognizing the end of this symbolic territory, but also its economy, opening to the most hidden places in its history and fantasies.

But what do we see when we see these works, what is this Imaginary that Lourdes Naveillán offers us? First of all, the systematic repetition of a monad that is persistently walked through all her work, even in sculptures. This symbol of the monad is somehow the epitome of the man of the 20th century and appears for the first time in Munch’s work at the end of the 19th century. The term comes from the Greek “monás”, which means unique, unity.

Second observation; these monads are serialized, they are expressed in groups, they are meetings of characters assimilated to a kind of “spiritual force”. At the same time within the space of the work these monads are conceived as the active substance of the movement, so they are the elements that separate. Finally, the rest is the landscape, the chromatic display, is the luminous and primitive background, which comes to give body to this evocative journey on dualism, the vast and indivisible unity and its immateriality.

Arturo Duclos, mayo 2016