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Exhibition presented at La Sala Art Gallery, in 2011, composed of thirteen works plus a mural.

The sample is born in times of shock, of shock, of speed, in which a series of events arises very quickly. “Between Times” goes beyond the literal, it is the reflection of a visceral explosion that expresses experiences that are represented in the form of theatrical, playful, colorful characters, hanging in threads. Each one in his universe, or in his history, share the stains, their space, their romanticism. Water shape the characters and they identify with an exceptional, unique world in which they relate to each other, are defined and accompanied.

This exhibition captures a series of beings that expand on the stain of the paper and part of the wall, being a mark, a stamp, an expansion of their own identity, of their own time. “They allude to times gone, as well as to the current one. They are ‘between times’,”

Lourdes Naveillan