Collective exhibition presented at Mammia Bretesché Art Gallery, Paris, France, in 2016.
Ouverture” proposes an in all directions colloquium. From the work “Origin” (ceramic and
copper sculpture by Macarena Salinas), to “Dialogue with Infinity” (electronic sculpture by
Gonzalo Sánchez), each of the pieces of this exhibition seeks a relationship with humanity.
The works “Alpha” and “Omega” by María Elena Naivellan are a set of alphabetic signs that
invites us precisely to understanding without borders. This is her response to intolerance
Lourdes Naveillan makes emerge the characters of her work “Couple”, and in it we
appreciate the concert of the opposites: the support and the medium, the line and the stain,
the micro and the macro. In Naveillan, gesture is her way of working on the uncertainty of
the medium.

Proyecto embajador

Collective exhibition at the Chilean Embassy in Paris, France, 2016, organized by Silpa Art
The relevance of this project resided not only in the individual promotion of each artist, but
also in their joint ability to build a cultural fabric according to their time.
Silpa Art Gallery presented this group of artists, who have responded with their works to this
and other initiatives representing Chilean culture abroad. They are: Sara Malinarich, Liza
Marzolo, Lourdes Naveillan, Ma Elena Naveillan, Rachael Runner (Robot), Gonzalo Sánchez
(Pikti), Manuel Terán, Jasna Tomasevic and Sebastián Yrarrázaval.
Ultra Violeta Chant sur Toile
Collective exhibition held at Mamia Bretesché Art Gallery, Paris, France, in May 2017. Organized by Silpa Art Curators.
“Lourdes Naveillan raises one of the richest tonal scales of the sample, loaded with gesture and on sewn paper. In another way, more controlled and with graphic shapes,” the curators said.
Ultraviolet.. A bridge from Paris to Santiago.Collective exhibition held at the extension headquarters of the University of Talca in Santiago, Chile, from October 4 to November 5, 2017. It resumes the experience carried out in Paris by Silpa Art Curators, enriching it with new works of the twelve Chilean artists who participated in “Ultravioleta. Chant sur toile”. The exhibition was conceived as a tribute to the Chilean artist and folklorist Violeta Parra in the year that marked a century of her birth.

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