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Exhibition held at La Sala Art Gallery, Santiago de Chile, in June 2008.

Spots, colors, water, and transparencies invite us to enter this pictorial world. They involve us little by little and plunge us into beings who play to hide and disappear behind their dresses or boasting of their flight. Spontaneity and acuity characterize this artist, who tackles painting with total freedom and rejoicing. Lourdes Naveillan leaves open the playful process and you can distinguish how she accelerates and slows down in her work, layer after layer, leaving, in the viewer ́s sight, forms that are gestated, dialogue and enjoy in a world that could be dreamlike, abstract or figurative.

She knows when to stop the process and disposes the assertive encounter. It reminds us Picasso’s old saying: “art is not searching, but finding”. “. She not only finds but recreates a magical, natural, and almost naive world, where some works, with the minimum, say, or rather imply, much at once.


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